Free Animated Birthday eCards

Are you sick and tired of all those traditional birthday cards wishing you Happy Birthday with their dusty fonts and ancient designs? Or, even worst, do you feel embarrassed sending them to the technology obsessed fellows that you have as friends? Well, this is not a time to despair because we have great news for you. How about choosing free animated birthday eCards to go with your best wishes?

You can go online and start your search for the most appropriate eCard. And know for sure that from the millions of free animated birthday eCards that are out there, you will find the right one. Here are some tips in accomplishing this special mission in just a few minutes: first, keep in mind the receiver. What kind of things is he into? What type of personality best describes him? Is he funny or serious? Or would he prefer a more heartfelt tone in his message?

After figuring this out, use your search engine to make sure that you are indeed on a website that offers free animated birthday eCards. It will be a total waste of time to find a lovely eCard only to discover moments later that it costs a few dollars. And no matter how interesting that eCard is, you would probably spend that extra money on a more valuable present for your dear friend. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still send them an animated birthday eCard. Just make sure to find the free ones that are available on the Internet.

Altogether, free animated birthday eCards are lots of fun. They are definitely more interactive than the papercut ones that you can bump into on a bookstore shelf. Plus, another great thing is that you can send theseCards in the same day and be sure that they will reach their destination. Even if you remember that your best friend’s birthday is in that particular day, while you are in a train, you still can save face if you have a Net connection and a laptop nearby. And if you have problems remembering important dates in others’ life (or as a matter of fact in your own existence) you can always rely on the reminders system that a lot of these free greeting cards websites offer.

From now on, the question will not be: shall I send a birthday eCard to my friend or not? Because the answer is pretty simple: I will definitely send free animated birthday eCards to all of my friends (and I will secretly pray that they will get the hunch and surprise me with a cute animated card on my own birthday as well).

Where Can You Find Free Animated eCards?

You can find many different free animated ecards online on personal websites, religious websites, business websites, and non-profit websites. There are free animated electronic cards for any occasion, holiday, season, special day, or anything else you can think of. You can apologize, express your love, show appreciation, or celebrate something special that has happened with the many available no-cost animated ecards. You can easily and quickly send these animated e cards to your loved ones online to show them you care.

More and more people are becoming aware of how many great free animated e cards there are available and sending them to their loved ones for all occasions. You will have no trouble locating funny free animated electronic cards that contain cartoons and funny sayings. You can also find spiritual and religious animated ecards that allow you to share Bible verses. Some of the available free animated e cards contain flash effects, which create something that is very enjoyable to watch. Other ecards contain beautiful images including photographs that are both inspiring and enjoyable to view.

A lot of the available animated ecards you can get for free are able to be personalized as well as ones that look like professionally made cards or ones that have animation built in. There are other ways that websites are marketing ecards for free. Some websites provide additional benefits when someone sends one of their free animated e cards. For example, the e cards can be used as a way to market a specific website. People who want to send e cards will visit a businesses website if they offer them for free to visitors. Anytime a website can offer something for free to consumers, they are going to bring in more visitors. People want to get the feeling that they are benefiting from their relationship with a company.

There are some animated free e cards targeted towards a particular group of people. Websites that sell and deliver flowers benefit from offering animated ecards for free to consumers because the same people sending the ecards are the types of people who are likely to send flowers from the websites. Religious websites can offer animated ecards for free to visitors who are interested in spirituality and this may encourage consumers to buy other products they sell. When you send free animated ecards, you feel good and you get to brighten the day of someone you care about. Many businesses are seeing the benefit of offering free animated ecards.

Open Source Free Animation Software

Why pay for software when you can get free animation software on the Internet? Just because you paid for something does not mean you will be able to produce the best animation in the world.

Much of the animation you find can be made with free software and you can barely notice the difference between paid and free software. Paid and bundled software might boast bigger features and user friendliness but they also come with a hefty price tag. Have you checked how much any one of Adobe’s software cost lately?

There is an illusion where free things are bad and you get zero support from it. That is because the developers are not being paid for the software so there is no motivation to improve it.

That is not true at all. Wikipedia would be dead if that statement was true. It all started with a bunch of people using their free time to do something they like, and it snowballed and ended up as one of the largest and most well known sites today.

The same goes to most open source software, although not all of them became as big and popular as Wikipedia. But open source developers may actually focus more on their free project that they love than any paid project that they hate and have no control over.

Most of the free animation software is open source and community driven. The word “open source” is a taboo word for most corporations because they have no control over it. Any improvement that is made by the corporations needs to be shared to the public and they hate that.

The software grows because people are sharing it with each other. One might find a bug and post it online, allowing developers or other members of the community to work on it.

The community would also give suggestion to the developers on what features they should implement and the developers would often listen to them. So cast off the old image of free animation software being bad and embrace the new future of open source.